Product Manager
Smarton Case Study
Product Manager for a Smart factories scaling software
The challenge here was to create an interface to a non-technological personas: Truck drivers, factory workers and farmers

smarton is a software that enables companies to keep track of every incoming/outgoing shipment, using weigh bridge scales. smarton empowers smart management via accurate data being transmitted during the weighing process, preventing deficiencies caused by manually record tracking of shipments - saving you literally TONS of money and merchandise or materials.
Problems & Solution
  • The main screen is summarized for main actions.
    Create "Advanced menu" all other actions added there.
  • An advanced reporting system has been developed that includes advanced search and filtering
  • Added digital monitor that shows real-time weight
  • Watch report and Share by email or print
  • Existing reports can be edited
  • An inventory management system was created
  • An advanced reporting system has been created that includes graphs
Major Issues
  • Complicated software, too many options on the main screen
  • Existing reports could not be filtered
  • Shipping report can not be presented *only print
  • Existing reports cannot be edited
  • No inventory system management
  • There were no history index reports
User Journey
Describes the user journey from:
Start the app > Login > Create Shipping Report > Share / Print

The suggestion for improving user experience is to move the less common actions to an advanced menu and thus simplify the daily process

Most users are the drivers and therefore do not use the advanced menu operations so there is no need for them to appear at this point
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