UX/UI Head Designer
SIMPLY SMART is an Internet company that has been operating since 1999, and specializes in providing solutions for websites, design, programming and website promotion. We specialize in building websites that provide perfect solutions for the client and at the same time are graphically designed, simple to navigate and user-friendly.

My role as the head of the UXUI department was to meet with the company's customers and interview them.
Leading the project according to the accepted UXUI stages, designing and working with the developers and making sure that the required design comes to fruition
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Lead UX/UI Designer
“betbasics.com” is a startup providing tools and products at the “Sports legal gambling industry”. betbasics helps users choose their best bet at the American sports events.

As the first and lead designer, My role is to create the UI design concept, Create the main design system, Creating live interactive animated prototypes for the product features and designing for the advertising and marketing strategy.

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"Kesher" system. Concentration tenders
for businesses
"Kesher" system. Concentration tenders
for businesses

"Kesher" - Business and Tenders is a platform for tenders and job offers from the public and private sector. We locate job offers for you from hundreds of organizations nationwide. Our goal is for you to earn more money at the end of the year in areas you didn't think to look for!

The system will send notifications for the following types of offers:

  • Tenders
  • Relevant databases (suppliers, consultants, contractors)
  • voices calling
  • Offers from private and business customers

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UX/UI for a valued and fun calculator for comparing life insurance online
UX/UI for a valued and fun calculator for comparing life insurance online
Sharoni Schechter Insurance Agency
A smart, useful, and easy-to-use product I created for the "Sharoni Insurance Agency".

Users answer a few yes / no questions and immediately receive life insurance quotes

Schechter Sharoni Insurance Agency is an agency that provide financial sservices.
the agency believe in the development of useful digital tools for the users and provides online price comparisons to get leads.
*An interactive prototype on the project page
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Product Designer for Retail Solutions Start up Company
Product Designer for Retail Solutions Start up Company

xCircular offers XC Showroom PCM, an integrated and comprehensive solution for product data and media management.

Users can connect to several sources to fill-in automatically the data, media, pricing and availability for a full view and monitor quality of data.

Retailers can receive with XC full product data from their hundreds of suppliers.

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Product manager for a smart factories scaling software
Product manager for a smart factories scaling software
The challenge here was to create an interface to a non-technological personas: truck drivers, factory workers and farmers

smarton is a software that enables companies to keep track of every incoming/outgoing shipment, using weigh bridge scales. smarton empowers smart management via accurate data being transmitted during the weighing process, preventing deficiencies caused by manually record tracking of shipments - saving you literally TONS of money and merchandise or materials. 


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Drag-and-drop esay websits builder
Drag-and-drop esay websits builder
A system for Easy to develop websites, catalog sites and online stores.

In the past the system management interface was complex and complicated, users would get bogged down and abandon on a regular basis. The owner recognized that this was a complication of the users which is what is causing them to abandon and the amount of users did not increase as expected.

So, after research I did for potential users the system was redesigned to the a drag-and-drop style and much more visual and friendly user

Since then, the number of users of the system has increased

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