"Kesher" system
Product Designer
Product Designer for "Kesher" system. Concentration tenders for businesses

"Kesher" - Business and Tenders is a platform for tenders and job offers from the public and private sector. We locate job offers for you from hundreds of organizations nationwide. Our goal is for you to earn more money at the end of the year in areas you didn't think to look for!

By sign up a "business profile" the system will send notifications for the following types of offers:

  • Tenders
  • Relevant databases (suppliers, consultants, contractors)
  • voices calling
  • Offers from private and business customers

In 2021 when I was a freelance UX/UI product designer. My friend Sun Charati, at that time an attorney specializing in the "Hadera" Municipality in the tenders department. He told me about the frustration of business owners in following up on offers that are relevant to them

He said that business owners are required to check on a daily basis whether there are relevant offers for them in all the companies of the economy: municipalities, the electric companys, water services, gas, industries, factories, government offices in the fields of: marketing and advertising, construction and renovations, hi-tech, cleaning and more..

It would have sounded strange and illogical to us, instead of engaging in more important things for the business such as development, providing services, marketing... Business owners should look for suggestions for themselves

This is where Sun came up with the idea of developing a system for centralizing tenders and relevant offers for each business, a place that would send notifications to the business owners if there is an interesting offer for them, add them to the calendar and alert them of the end date of submitting the offers
Sun and I split up, He was looking for professional developers to test the product possibility, is it even possible? And what are the mission needs?

And I took the research for the design and user experience Because Sun took all the technical stuff away from me, I assumed that this was possible and the sky was the limit and went to do some research

I searched, surfed, downloaded and signed up for a lot of systems, software and applications, I wrote down their advantages and disadvantages, it was important for me to check what they don't have that I could develop in my product and that would really help the business owner

That's why I "stepped into the shoes" of a business owner. It wasn't really necessary to step into his shoes because I was already a business owner as a freelancer product designer for many years, therefore I know the existing frustrations that a business owner has in searching for relevant offers It was important to me as a business owner: to receive and manage alerts, manage alerts in the calendar view, update and change the details, services and interests in the personal profile. These are the main features I suggested for the product from my research.
I also discovered that there are businesses in similar systems that present too many services, which causes dispersion and giving irrelevant offers, so I suggested giving up to 5 services, I found that this is enough to get good results.

And here the idea also developed into managing tasks within an offer, labeling according to labels, attaching files and everything a business needs to receive equal offers and manage them

Orientation, filtering the results, sharing, marking an offer as "favorite", support chat were also important
The idea of the system was to gather proposals from all the relevant offices and distribute them according to areas of interest. And what about "advertising a tender"?, from here the idea was also born to give the possibility to find suppliers through the system and to give the possibility to publish a tender

While I am busy with user research and target audience definitions, I worked on a mockup, planning a user journey for several main processes, initially sketching in pencil, then, wireframe and creating a design system by figma and product design At the same time Sun recruited the technological team and planned a brand and marketing strategy

Today there are thousands of business owners who benefit from the "Kesher" system, Sun the owner will continue to develop the system and keep helping business owners find relevant offers for them in a short time
I am proud to take an important part and lead the "kesher" system's UX/UI Product design This is how the "Kesher" tender platform was developed, the first system that enables management and tracking capabilities for job offers in a personal profile with direct communication with tender consultants to accompany the process and better understand the bureaucratic requirements.

Sun Charati: "Tenders are not just a business method for creating contracts - they are the fair way to use the public's money, and with the correct use of tenders - you can build new roads and hospitals, strengthen old infrastructure and hold national events. More businesses in Israel deserve the state to invest back in them and allow them to participate in public procurement."